How to play Poker Texas hold em

If you are new to the game of Texas Hold’em, before you sit down for your first game, you will need to know the basic rules. Here, we explore how to play poker Texas hold em style in a simple step by step guide.

How to play Poker texas hold em – Step by step

how to play poker texas hold em1) To start any hand, two players must contribute to the pot. These two ‘antes’ are called the small and big blind. They are played so that there is always something at stake.

2) Once the blinds have been played the dealer starts handing out cards (face down) to everybody at the table. The dealer starts at the small blind and works their way around until each player has two cards. These two cards are called the hole cards, and they can only be used by the player who holds them.

3) Play starts with the first active person to the left of the big blind. They can fold (play no further part in the hand), call (match the value of the big blind) or raise (bet at least double the big blind).

4) Play continues around the table (anticlockwise) until all the active players have the same amount in the pot.

5) The dealer then deals three ‘community cards’ onto the table.

6) The action starts on the small blind. If they are no longer in the hand, the action starts to the player closest to the small blind on their left. This player has the choice to check (continue in the hand without staking any more money) or bet (increase the sum of the pot).

7) Step 4 repeats.

8)  The dealer then deals one ‘community card’ on to the table.

9) Step 6 repeats

10) Step 4 repeats

11) Step 9 repeats

12) Step 6 repeats

13) Step 4 repeats

14) Once the remaining players have an even number of chips in the pot, the winner is revealed. The winner is one with the best 5 card hand from the 7 available (their 2 hole cards and the 5 community cards on the table.)

Before you sit down to play for cash, make sure you understand everything about how to play poker Texas hold em style, because when the chips are in for real there is no turning back.

How to play Poker texas hold em – Where to play

You can play Poker at home with friends, at a Poker club or casino or online. If you are looking for a reputable online Poker company that can offer security, great features, with a nice layout you don’t need to look much further than William Hill Poker. They also offer massive new customer rewards with up to £1200 on offer. If you are now feeling comfortable on how to play poker Texas hold em style, and are looking to play online all you need to do is click on the link below and register free of charge.


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