How to play poker tournaments

If you want to play a poker tournament, you have to know a number of things about it before you start. Understanding the tournament structure, the time the tournament will take and how to approach it will leave you with the best chance of being successful. Here, we explore more about how to play poker tournaments.

How to play poker tournaments – What formats are there?

When learning about how to play poker tournaments you first have to decide what format you want to play; sit and go or multi table. A sit and go tournament starts when the number of entrants has been reached, where as a multi table tournament starts at a scheduled time.

Standard sit and go tournaments consist of anything from a couple of players to 180, but most commonly are contested between 9 or 10. Multi table tournaments consist of any number of players from 2 to literally tens of thousands.

How to play poker tournaments – What types are there?

With sit and go tournaments and multi table tournaments, there are different types of tournaments. Here are a few of the most common types of tournaments, how long they take (one table) and a tip about the best way to approach them:

how to play poker tournaments

Turbo – in this tournament the blinds increase quicker than what you would see in a normal sit and go tournament. Generally, blinds increase every 5 minutes rather than every 15. Players are forced into making moves earlier than they might like because the blinds increase quickly. In this format, it is important that you are prepared to take calculated risks to maximise your stack size. Turbo tournaments take about 30 minutes to finish.

Winner takes all – this format is played under a normal blind structure where the winner of the tournament takes everything. To be successful in this format you have to be patient and pick your spots carefully. Winner takes all tournaments generally go on for over an hour.

50/50 – in this format 50% of the table will double their initial entry fee. To be successful in this format you only have to beat five players, so those who take few risks generally see a good return. These tournaments take anything between 30-45 minutes.

Blind freeze – instead of the blinds increasing every 15 minutes they stay at the initial number for the duration. This really is about picking your spots properly and even single table games can last for a few hours because players are not forced into making decisions because of the size of their stack compared to the increasing blinds.

How to play Poker tournaments – Which sites are best?

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