How to play seven card stud

As one of the lesser played formats, seven card stud is a game that few people know how to play properly. You may be surprised to know that at one point stud was actually the most popular variation until Texas Hold’em came along. In this short guide, we will explore a step by step guide that looks at how to play seven card stud.

How to play seven card stud – Step by step guide

how to play seven card stud1) Every player has to place an ante into each hand.

2) Starting to their immediate left, the dealer gives each player two hole cards and one that faces up.

3) At this time, the player that is showing the lowest 3rd card places a small bet called the ‘bring in’ into the pot, and play starts from the left of the ‘bring in’. Every player can either pay the ‘bring in’, raise or fold.

4) After that round of betting has finished a further card is dealt to each remaining player face up.

5) Now the action is on the one with the highest two face up cards (this is how betting continues). This person now has the option of checking, betting or folding.

6) Step 4 and 5 repeats.

7) Step 4 and 5 repeats again so all remaining players have two hole cards and four cards facing up.

8) The last card is dealt face down to those who are left. At this time the last betting round takes place before the player with the best hand wins.

Above is just a simple guide that looks at how to play seven card stud. Before you even think about playing for money (either online or at a card room) make sure you understand the format of each hand, and all the rules associated with the game. Only then will you truly know how to play seven card stud. If you have read how to play seven card stud and would like to give it a go online for money then you really need to be looking at Pokerstars. Pokerstars are one of the few companies offering the seven card stud variant of the game poker. If you are not already a member you can also get up to £400 in new customer bonuses by signing up today. Simply click the link below to get started.