Poker Fashion

Poker fashion

poker fashionAs poker has become more main-stream and attracted the likes of TV cameras and celebrities, poker fashion has entered the spotlight. Sponsorship deals have had a massive influence on what players have to wear whilst others merely dress ‘sparkly’ for the attention.

Poker fashion – Sponsorship

If you have ever watched a televised poker tournament like a WSOP event or an EPT event you will see most of the players embezzled with logos on their hats and shirts. This has become part of the image of high-level poker tournaments and to wear the name of a top poker room on your shirt is a sign that you have achieved something or that you are a respected player. In the later stages of big tournaments players are paid good sums of money in order to wear the badge of a sponsor.

Poker fashion – Sunglasses

Shades are perhaps the most classic of all poker fashion paraphernalia. The image of a player sitting statuesque after having shoved a huge sum of money into the middle, while his opponent tries to read his body language, is what the average Joe thinks when imagining a big poker game.

The point of the shades – the point of hiding your eyes – is because, arguably, they can give off the biggest tells as to your hand strength. A nervous twitch, the inability to stare a guy down – they can all be read as ‘poker tells’.

Poker fashion – Hats

Cowboy Stetsons are the iconic image of casino poker. Made famous by the granddaddy of poker, Doyle Brunson, they also represent the regional origins of the most famous of the poker games – Texas Hold’em. Brunson still wears his Stetson at the poker table today but you won’t find too many joining him in this particular poker fashion statement.

Most of today’s crowd choose to wear poker sponsor baseball caps. These are either worn in the conventional sense or flipped backwards – by some of the younger kids. These are a sign of the changing face of poker and its move into the mainstream with the dawn of the internet age.

Poker fashion – Earphones

Many players choose to wear headphones in casino play. This helps them to focus by drowning out background noise and by heightening their need to study body language due to reduced sound. In truth, many simply listen to music at the table because the games are slow in casinos compared to what many have become accustomed to by playing online.

Poker fashion – Bracelets & Rings

For winning a big poker event, like a WSOP tournament, players are given gold bracelets. Some players like Johnny Chan, Scotty Nyguen and Phil Helmuth choose to wear their bracelets on special occasions – mainly to impress their peers.

Poker fashion – Online

Poker fashion is not really important when playing poker online. However you may want to personalise your online character a bit by blinging him/her up or adding shades or a hat. Bet365 has Avatar creation and personalisation available and also has a great platform to play poker from. If you have not tried it yet give it a go today by clicking the link below and joining. You will also receive $5 absolutely free to get you started.


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