Poker heads up

If you love the action and you sometimes get bored between hands, and this affects your play negatively you may be better suited to the heads up poker. Here, we will explore more about poker heads up.

What is poker heads up style?

To put it simply, poker, heads up style is when you are playing against just one other player. You can play on specialist tables designed for two players if you want to play this type of game. There are specialist tournaments, including; sit and go’s and multi table heads up tournaments. However, the most common type of heads up game is a cash game.

How do you play poker heads up style?

Poker heads up

Now, you may think that you can just transfer your strategy from a nine seated table to a poker heads up table and still do well, but this is not the case. Think about it like this, before a hand is dealt on a table with nine other players, you have a 10% chance of having the best hand. However, on a heads up table, you have a 50% chance pre flop. Therefore, you have to adjust your strategy to suit.

For instance, when you are up against nine other players, a hand like K-4 pre flop is useless. However, when you are up against just one other player, in order for them to have a better pre-flop hand than you, they have to have an ace, a higher king or a pocket pair. Statistically, you are even a slight favourite against a hand like Q-J suited.

In short, your play has to become a lot looser when you are heads up. Never make the assumption that you know how to play poker heads up just because you are good on a full sized table.

If you want to play poker heads up, you will be able to find a game on one of the main online poker sites. There are often regulars playing just about every limit at any time of the day. If you are new to poker heads up style or new to poker in general we would recommend taking a look at William Hill Poker. The william Hill Poker school has some excellent videos demonstrating how their software works. It shows how games are run, so you know what to expect before you play as well as give some very handy tips on how to improve your gameplay. If you are interested in trying William Hill Poker, click the link below and register today and you can also benefit from up to £1200 free for signing up as a new customer.


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