Poker Legends

Poker legends are words that are thrown around a little too often. In the world of poker there are many famous personalities that arguably can be called legends. To identify the legends among the legends it is perhaps best to speak of the most iconic moments and achievements in the history of the game – and then distinguish the individuals connected to those moments.

Poker legends #1 – Doyle Brunson

poker legends Doyle BrunsonWe have to start with Doyle – because Doyle is where it all started! He was the first player to dominate the tournament scene when it first emerged in the 1970’s. He won the WSOP back-to-back and wrote one of the best selling poker strategy books detailing his system – which was ahead of its time back in the day. Doyle has been at the very top of the game for decades. He is of iconic status and is considered the grandfather of poker.

Poker legends #2 – Stu Ungar

poker legends - Stu UngarStu is the classic ‘what might have been’ story. Basically to say Stu was a boy genius is an understatement of all proportions. He had the potential to be the worlds best, but his life was tragically cut short due to drug addiction. Stu’s style was very much like the modern internet generation. He was considered a maniac back in the days when conservative ABC poker was considered the only way to play. He won the WSOP several times – including a back-to-back achievement.

poker legends #3 – Chris Moneymaker

Poker legends Chris MoneymakerAlthough Chris is not considered among the better players in the league of legends – in fact some pros consider him the worst player ever to win the WSOP Main Event – it is exactly this achievement puts him at iconic status in the poker world. What Chris did back in 2003, when he beat seasoned pro Sam Farha to pocket $2.5 million, was open up poker to the average Joe. He made it possible for the guy watching at home to believe – to know it’s possible – that a regular guy could win such a prestigious event. Chris did it for the underdog. The poker world exploded after his win. Arguably that wouldn’t have happened had Farha won. Moneymaker now appears in team Pokerstars. If you fancy watching him live simply sign up to Pokerstars today and if you are a new customer you can bag yourself up to £400 free using the link below.


Poker legends #3 – Phil Hellmuth

Poker legends - Phil HellmuthPhil has to get a mention. He is famous for his big mouth and irritating over-the-top character, but nobody would pay much attention to this had he not also won more WSOP poker bracelets than any other player in history. Phil currently has a haul of 13 bracelets, including one Main Event win. His most recent win came in the WSOPE 2012 – where he took the bracelet for the Main Event and over 1 million euros in prize money.

Other Notable poker legends

Phil Ivey is considered the Tiger Woods of poker. A guy who started his poker days whilst working jobs at McDonalds and as a telemarketer – Phil is currently considered the best player in the world.

Tom Dwan is an internet prodigy. Building up a vast sum of millions and millions of dollars, Tom is a mathematical genius who regularly trades blows with Phil Ivey heads up online for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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