Poker Quotes

Poker quotes

With so many characters in the game of poker, a library of memorable poker quotes has been collected down the years. Here is a collection of some of the best.

‘If you cannot spot the sucker in the first 30 mins at the table, you’re the sucker’ — Matt Damon – Rounders

poker quotesMany pros agree that Rounders is one of the best movies about the game of poker ever made. It has plenty of classic poker quotes. It is also often seen as a helping factor in starting the poker boom – along with Chris Moneymaker winning the 2003 WSOP. Matt’s quote states, if you can’t establish who the worst player at the table is – it’s probably you!

‘I can dodge bullets, baby!’ – Phil Hellmuth

One of Phil’s best poker quotes is in reaction to Phil getting lucky when up against pocket aces in a hand. Phil is one of the biggest characters on the pro poker circuit – if not THE biggest. He can regularly be heard shouting to fellow pros across the room about what ‘some donkey’ just did. Whether he genuinely believes he is the best poker player ever, or if it is all just an act for the cameras, is open to debate.

‘There’s more to life than poker’ – Tom McEvoy

1983 WSOP Main Event winner and four time bracelet winner speaks some words that some of the modern generation might do well to listen to. Indeed, many of the young internet whiz kids spend most of their waking hours in solitary confinement playing with thousands of dollars online in high-stakes games. Play to live – not live to play.

‘You can shear a sheep many times, but you can skin it only once’ – Slim

Amarillo Slim is one from the old school generation that dominated the game in the 1970’s – along with the likes of Doyle Brunson and Bobby Baldwin. What Amarillo is referring to in this quote is; that is better to take just a small profit from weak players and allow them to win a few small pots. This will make them want to come back and play you again. If you take every penny they have on any given night, they will never sit down and play you again.

‘Trust everyone, but always cut the cards’- Benny Binion

Benny is credited with the creation of the WSOP. He was a true character and visionary back in the Vegas old days. He plays on the joke that nobody is really your friend once you sit down to play poker.

‘Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser’ — Stu Ungar

Ungar is the George Best of the poker world – essentially an absolute genius that got mixed up with bad things in his life. His fiercely competitive attitude was a key driving force in his success.

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