Poker terminology

Have you heard poker terminology and not had a clue what it meant? Here, we will explore some of the most common poker terminology used at a poker table.

Poker terminology – ‘The Nuts’

poker terminologyThe poker terminology ‘the nuts’ is used when a player has an unbeatable hand. For instance, on a board of As Ks Qd 3d 2c the best hand a player could have is J 10.

There are times when a player can have the nuts without actually having the best hand. For instance, on a board of 6h 3c Qs Qh 4d, a player with Q 6 would have the nut hand because the actual nuts, pocket queens, is impossible to get because you are holding one of the queens.

Poker terminology – Passive

A passive player is poker terminology used to often describe a poor one, but this is not always the case if a player can switch their style to suit. There are two types of passive players, tight-passive and loose-passive. The first describes somebody who will only call or raise (but mostly call) if they have a really good hand. They very rarely take risks and can often be pushed off a decent hand. At the same time, if a tight-passive player is calling you, you better have a very good hand. Loose-passive players are probably the worst players you can come up against. They call a lot and will rarely fold or re-raise.

Poker terminology – Split Pot

If two or more players have the same hand where the kicker does not come into play the pot is split evenly. It could be that a pot is split between more than two players. For instance, if five players go to the pot and the board hits A-K-Q-J-10 with no chance of a flush, this means the board is offering the best hand. If all of these five players make it to the river, then the pot would be split evenly between them. The poker terminology for this instance is known as a split pot.

poker terminology – Tilt

If you are involved in a hand where you are a favourite when you get your chips in and end up losing to a bad beat, then you may go on tilt. The definition of tilt varies. However, most people would say that any variation in how you play based on anything negative that happened in a previous hand would define a player tilting.

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