What is no limit poker

what is no limit pokerThe most common type of poker is no limit poker – Texas Hold’em style. It is the format used for the WSOP main event and roughly 80% of all players say that this format is their specialist game. However, why is this and what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of no limit poker? Here, we will explore what is no limit poker in more detail.

There are three different types of limits that you can play. As well as no limit poker, you can play fixed limit or pot limit. These limits are mostly across all the variations, including; Hold’em Omaha and Stud. Here we will explore what is no limit poker when compared with the advantages/disadvantages of pot limit and fixed limit.

What is no limit poker – Advantages

  • A good player has a much better chance of earning a lot more money if they are playing any no limit poker form.
  • There are always more players playing no limit poker tables than there are on pot limit or limit tables. This means that you do not have to wait as long to get a game.
  • You tend to find that poorer players play no limit poker.
  • Furthermore, it is also easier to take advantage of poor play on no limit poker, which means that good players have much more of an advantage over bad ones, and this limits variance.

What is no limit poker – Disadvantages

  • You can lose your whole stack in the blink of an eye.
  • Limit is much better suited to those on a smaller bankroll.
  • It is much easier to control/limit any tilt on a limit table than it is on a no limit poker table.
  • Pot odds are much easier to work out than implied odds. This means that calculating risk is simpler when playing pot limit or fixed limit because you have some idea of the moves that are coming. However, in no limit poker, the next move could be all in, and this restricts the calculated risk you can take.

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